• slow_4

    Lower Level

    Since 1947 real GDP growth has averaged 3.26%/year. Since 1/1/10 it’s averaged 2.3%. Economists think that some of the decline will persist for a while because of both slower productivity gains and population growth. Therefore, the neutral Federal Funds rate, the rate that’s neither expansionary nor … [Read More...]

  • TR007241

    Wonky Wages

    Seattle’s decision to boost its minimum wage to $15/hour, the highest anywhere, is bad policy. Unlike a rise in the federal minimum wage which affects all employers, this increase only applies inside the city. Thus, employers in low-wage industries in Seattle will be at a distinct financial … [Read More...]

  • The newspaper  GOOD NEWS  and coffee

    Nice News!

    On Monday we learned that existing home sales in May jumped 4.9% to a rate of 4.89 million/year, the best pace since last October. Better yet, yesterday we learned that new home sales jumped from a rate of 433,000/year in April to 504,000/year in May, the best activity level since 5/08 and that … [Read More...]

  • euro

    Mediocre Monetary Meddling

    Rather than using a cannon, last week the ECB used a popgun. By reducing the rate it charges banks on loans and by charging banks on deposits held at the central bank, the ECB hopes to spur lending. It won’t happen. Separately, it’s also finally injecting liquidity into the banking system. What … [Read More...]

  • percentage-dice

    Rotten Returns

    Why are rates so low? Let me count the reasons: flight to quality due to rising geopolitical risk, the Fed’s promise to keep short-term rates low for a long time, Japan’s massive monetary stimulus, the ECB’s decision to start printing money, weaker than expected US growth, no evidence of commodity … [Read More...]


Housing costs outstrip incomes in Colorado

Click this link to read a new article featuring Dr. Eisenberg in the Denver Post. … [Read more...]


Hungry Households


Between 2002 and 2012, real median incomes of the 16% of US households headed by someone without a high school diploma fell at an average annual rate of 2.4%. Among the 51% of households with a high school diploma but without a college diploma median income fell at an average annual rate of 1%. This … [Read more...]


Rate Realignment


In her press conference today, Fed Chairwoman Yellen clearly provided the Fed with more flexibility regarding interest rates. With GDP growth firming, unemployment falling and inflation benign, Yellen is hinting at maybe earlier but probably incrementally smaller rate hikes. And she has largely said … [Read more...]



oil rig

OPEC’s decision to push oil prices down assumes that lower prices reduce the supply of oil. However, unlike most natural resources, the marginal cost of producing another barrel of oil is low, once a well is drilled. Thus, oil pumping does not generally respond to price shocks. However, drilling new … [Read more...]


Bamboozling Budget


While a strong brew of internecine party politics and special interest lobbying appears to have made passage of the FY 2015 budget difficult, don’t be deceived. The budget battle is over the stagnant $1.1 trillion discretionary portion of the budget. The $2.4 trillion and growing mandatory spending … [Read more...]


Foolish Football


The Friday File: The college football playoff final-four was designed to let the top four teams (Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State) play to determine a winner, rather than relying on dubious polls. The top four played 13 games each while teams #5 and #6 played 12 as they’re in the Big-12 … [Read more...]


Dr. Eisenberg talks to Molly Armbrister of the Denver Business Journal about the housing needs of Colorado, Denver

An article written by Molly Armbrister of the Denver Business Journal quotes Dr. Eisenberg in an article on Colorado, Denver needing more diverse housing. Read the full article by clicking here. … [Read more...]


Dr. Eisenberg talks to 9 News about the strong housing market in Colorado

Watch this money report clip from 9News where Dr. Eisenberg talks about the strong housing market in Colorado. 9News Report on strong Colorado housing economy … [Read more...]


Monetary Madness


Unemployment in the Eurozone is at a sky-high 11.5% (its peak here was 10%), annual inflation is running at a microscopic 0.3% matching a five year low and is expected to fall further. Worse, manufacturing activity is stalling and is declining in France, Germany and Italy. Given this backdrop, now … [Read more...]


Funding Fee


In a shrewd move the Fed will impose added capital requirements on the nation’s biggest banks. The additional capital will penalize banks that rely heavily on short-term funding. This will force these banks to hold more capital and reduce their profitability, or shrink and escape the requirement. … [Read more...]